Shipping and Returns

Shipping is free for both delivery and return if the equipment is booked with enough notice for us to use our standard ground shipping. Expedited shipping to you is available for an extra fee if you need faster shipping. 

Our deliveries usually arrive 3-4 business days prior to your planned party date.

We expect the equipment to be returned to UPS the first business day after your party date. Late returns are subject to a $100 per day late fee if arrangements aren't made with us prior to the return due date. If you have any questions or need to make arrangements with us.

If you are unable to have your event due to weather we offer you the option of keeping your equipment for the following weekend (for a weekend event)  so that you can have your event then. If you have a situation this wont work for please give us a call and we will work out an option to make it work for you. 

Questions about movies

Sure can! Anything with an HDMI will plug into the projector.

We do not provide movies for you to play. Our projector system does include many popular apps (Hulu, Disney+, Netflix etc) that you can use your own personal login for to play films in your own home. We also offer Blu-ray/DVD players as an option if you'd like to add one to your rental. Please note that while we provide these options you may need a license to display the film you select if you are having your movie night outside of your own home/property.

For any public display (generally anything outside of your own home/backyard) you will need a license from to display a copyrighted film. Two licensing companies exist currently to obtain licensing. Criterion Pictures and Swank Motion Pictures. 



Backyard Movie Party and its parent company Booth By Demand are not affiliated with either licensing company and do not collect any funds on their behalf. We recommend contacting  them directly for any licensing questions.

Our projector systems allow you to log into most major streaming services. You will need a paid login from the service you wish to use as we clear out all the logins between events and you will need to use your own login. If you event would be considered a public performance you will also need to contact one of the licensing companies above to obtain a display license. 

Equipment questions

The basic rental includes a 1080p Projector, 120" (diagonal) flat screen, small sound system, a small popcorn kit, and round trip shipping.

To keep our prices low ours is a DIY service. Your equipment rental will be delivered 3-4 days prior to your party. Setup takes about 15 minutes and is super easy. We offer 24/7 support in case you have any questions or concerns. 

We have a couple of options for screens. Our basic rental includes a 120" flat screen which can either be hung on a wall via command hooks. The flat screen can also be hung between trees or other secure objects with provided rope. For just $100 more you can add our awesome 14 foot inflatable screen to your rental. 

Setup size varies depending on  a few factors. If you will be having your movie party indoors you will need to place the projector roughly 6-9 feet from the screen. For outside use with our inflatable screen you will need 11x8 area for the screen. The projector will sit either in front of or behind the screen at roughly 8 ft.

It is extremely rare to see damage during shipping, but it does happen from time to time. For this reason we alrways ship to arrive 3-4 business days prior to your party. We ask that you check for obvious damage and turn on the projector upon receipt to verify its working properly. If anything doesn't look right call us asap and we will overnight a replacement immediately.

Yes, the projector equipment is designed to be used in a dark room or after dusk outside. 

Our basic popcorn package that is included in the basic rental includes 3 bags of Popcorn and 6 classic popcorn boxes. Our $25 Popcorn package includes 5 classic movie style boxes of candy, 6 popcorn bags, 15 classic popcorn boxes, and a popcorn seasoning.